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Our Story

Frazil has been obsessed with flavors from the very beginning, all the way back to when we started in 2004. Actually, our story starts even before that.

Frazil began as a side-project of a shaved ice company. One of the Frazil co-founders, Donald, had been running a successful shaved ice company, with incredible flavors that he’d developed over decades of trial and error, research, and consumer feedback. After decades in the shaved ice business he recognized his top-selling shaved ice flavors could be offered to consumers through the convenience store channel where current slush products often fell short of consumer expectations for quality and taste. And so he took his specially crafted flavors and turned them into slush flavors that could be shared through a slushie machine. And voila, Frazil was born!

Frazil started in Salt Lake City, UT. A place known for having the greatest snow on earth became the birthplace of the greatest slush on earth! And we’ve grown from those humble beginnings to become the largest and fastest growing frozen uncarbonated beverage (slush) brand in the US. Our Frazil fans have been the secret to our success. People love sharing Frazil with their friends, and that experience just spreads from there. We continue to introduce new and exciting flavors and look forward to the excitement of what comes next!

Flavor that can’t be beat

When people try Frazil for the first time they are often blown away by its quality and flavor.

So why do Frazil’s flavors taste SO good?

Frazil’s flavor foundation was honed over decades of flavor experimentation across shaved ice shacks across the US. That trial-and-error experimentation, driven by immediate feedback from consumers as to which flavor bases and combos were their favorite helped elevate the flavor portfolio of what would eventually become the Frazil flavor lineup.

Frazil obsesses over flavor quality. Frazil’s products combine flavors to create delightful and nuanced combinations. For example, our Georgia Peach combo takes a perfectly concocted peach flavor and adds just a hint of our unique Frazil strawberry to give it just a kiss of something special. Most of our flavors have a “major” and “minor” flavor profile to give our consumers a delightful surprise and depth of flavor that isn’t found anywhere else in the slush category.

Frazil has always been made with real sugar. Frazil never has and never will be made with high fructose corn syrup. Frazil is a premium treat, and using real, natural sugar helps deliver on that premium experience.

What is Frazil?


Frazil. Rhymes with dazzle. And that is definitely what we’re going for.

Some think that Frazil is a made-up word. Or maybe it’s a borrowed word from a children’s book about “the Drizels and Krazils who sat on their droofuses drinking up Frazils.”

Neither is true. Frazil is a real word for the ice crystals that form on the surface of a fast-flowing river, the flow prevents the river from freezing solid so the river becomes Frazil. We took what nature created and made it better by adding great tasting extreme fruit flavor.

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