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Why Choose Frazil?

With every aspect of the Frazil program designed to optimize your sales without the risks typically associated with implementing an FUB program, Frazil represents the industry’s absolute best value, product, and service – hands down!

  • Provides the Equipment at No Cost
  • Covers the Service Needs and Repair Costs
  • Looks Amazing
  • Tastes Incredible
  • Consults with Retailers To Maximize Category Profits
Free Marketing & POS

Frazil provides FREE expertly-designed marketing and point-of-sale products to its retailers. Items such as window clings, hanging signage, outdoor and pump signage, and plenty more are easy to install, increase sales, and build brand value. Download our marketing catalog today to see how great Frazil could look in your store!

Great Slush Deserves Great Ads

Catch our latest spots showcasing all the fun, flavors, and fantastic moments Frazil delivers in every cup!

Frazil University


Grow your slush business with expert knowledge.


Verizon + Frazil

See how Frazil and Verizon have partnered to change the world of slush forever!


Why do stores that convert to Frazil typically see a 20%-50%* increase in sales?
Flavor Tag
Research-optimized, new tag in every product case; easier for flavor rotation
Flavor Profile
Specialized, premium flavors made with real sugar
Clear Bowls
No stickers or bowl wraps that hide product and fade over time
In-Store Experience
Free POS materials to help drive customer awareness
Fruit-Based Visual Identity
Appeals to expanded demographic range
Recognized Brand
Highly loyal customer base
Recommended Pricing
Clearly communicated and optimized for profit
Lighter Refill Jug
1-gallon mixing jug is easier to manage and fill
Product Composition
Dry powder is easy to mix with no mess
32oz Cup
Easiest way to drive incremental sales
Service Response Team
48-hour response guarantee
Connected IoT Machine
Minimize downtime, maximize selling time

*Source: Sales data from 1,100+ stores that switched to Frazil from other FUB programs during 1/1/2019 – 12/31/2020

Why Frazil Has the Best Flavors

When people try Frazil for the first time they are often blown away by its quality and flavor. So why do Frazil’s flavors taste SO good?

  • Frazil OBSESSES over flavor quality. Taste is king, and if its not “blow your socks off” good then we’re not interested in the flavor
  • Frazil has always been made with real sugar, NO high-fructose corn syrup
  • Frazil’s flavor portfolio was honed over decades of flavor experimentation across shaved ice shacks across the US.
  • Most Frazil flavors have a “major” and “minor” flavor profile to give our consumers a delightful surprise and depth of flavor
Frequently Asked Questions

Frazil works with distributors all across the US to support the Frazil program across its network of retailers. To sign up for the Frazil bundle program you will need to sign the Frazil “bundle” agreement through your distributor, and after contract review and program qualification Frazil will install a machine in your location. Your distributor sales rep/food service manager will have a copy of the Frazil agreement for your review, or feel free to reach out to the Frazil sales team at and we can share the program details and notify your distributor that you’re interested in the program.

We are committed to your success. We’ve identified five behaviors of top programs that can help you sell more product. These behaviors include:

  • Displaying our free marketing and promotional materials.
  • Keeping the machine full of product.
  • Regularly cleaning the machine.
  • Using Frazil-branded cups.
  • Competitively pricing the product.

To learn more about selling product, please click on the following link for “The Frazil 5” .

Typically, from the time a contract is received and approved to a machine being installed on a retailers counter is 14-21 days.  Install times can extend beyond this depending on technician availability and other Frazil jobs that may be scheduled for that area.  The earlier you submit the contract the earlier it will get installed!

Cleaning the machine can help increase sales. You should plan on cleaning the machine at least monthly. You should have received a cleaning guide with the machine that shows step-by-step how to clean the machine. You can also click on the “Monthly Maintenance” link to watch a 5 minute video on how to clean the machine

Frazil works with distributors all across the US to support the Frazil program across its network of retailers.  Frazil product must be ordered through an authorized Frazil distributor. Please contact your distributor to order our assorted products.

Sometimes a machine may start leaking from the faucet or from the back of the machine. Typically, the leak is caused by seals that are either worn-out or not properly placed. If your machine is leaking, please clean the machine and take care to properly place the seals. If the leak does not stop, contact our service number at 877-372-9455 and mention that you have cleaned the machine and ensured the seals were properly placed. To watch a video on how to change the seals, click on our 4 minute “Frequently Asked Questions” video.

We want to help you maximize sales. We’ve created several short videos to help you learn of your responsibilities. Click Here to learn more


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