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Bermuda Triangle

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made with real sugar gluten free
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It’s tropical, it’s mysterious, it’s amazing. This perfect combination of banana, with a hint of strawberry and peach, is the trifecta that slush consumers everywhere have been craving. But Frazil’s Bermuda Triangle hasn’t just been tropical wonderlands and sunshine. The flavor has been linked with some unexplainable anomalies. Many people have mysteriously gone missing after drinking Frazil’s Bermuda Triangle. Thankfully all those who’ve gone missing have been found… always in the same spot… next to the Frazil machine… refilling their Frazil cup with Bermuda Triangle flavored slush. We’re still investigating the cause of such disappearances: Paranormal activity? Extraterrestrial beings? The allure of one of the best tasting slush flavors ever made?