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Many retailers don’t realize how impactful rotating flavors can be to their slush category sales performance. How many flavors should a store rotate through their machine/year? What should a rotation strategy look like? What is the expected impact? Frazil’s research across thousands of c-stores has the answers.
Slush is one of the highest margin categories in a convenience store. Help draw people to your world-class slush program with world-class marketing! Frazil outlines in-store marketing options that can help transform the in-store experience of your slush program and boost sales. Check out the options!
Don’t miss out on one of the easiest ways to boost sales in your store! Cup assortment and cup sizes offered in your stores matter to your bottom line. Frazil research finds that stores that offer 32oz cups sell 35% more than stores that don’t. Let Frazil’s 32oz cup help boost your sales.
Is your slush machine full right now? If not, what is it costing you in sales? How much is a full machine worth to a store? Frazil answers these questions, and outlines new technology that can transform how you can maximize this aspect of your program.
Maintaining your Frazil machines according to this monthly maintenance guide will maximize uptime for your machines, and keep you selling slush in your location as much as possible.
Don’t miss out on sales! Be familiar with and follow these principles of operational success to minimize machine downtime in your store as much as possible.
NACS data highlights that slush/FUB is the primary frozen beverage option of choice in the c-store channel. How critical is slush to the category? Are you realizing all the benefits that can come from a winning slush program?